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“Dyna-Purge® A Ranks #1 in Independent Study Conducted at Penn State Behrend.”

Dyna-Purge® A – the first hybrid purging compound combining the key features in both mechanical and chemical products.

Dyna-Purge® A – Designed for purging polypropylene (PP)

Dyna-Purge® A is the first purging compound to combine the key features found in both mechanical and chemical products. This new hybrid technology is ideal for eliminating color streaks and other forms of contamination often associated with purging polypropylene out of the screw and barrel as well as the tool and die.

  • Excellent for polypropylene color changes, preventative machine maintenance, and before manual cleaning
  • Specifically designed for purging through hot runner systems and other equipment with tight clearances
  • Advanced hybrid technology reaches all stagnation areas breaking down the color contamination and removing it from the machine
  • Easy to use- no soaking time or temperature alterations are required
  • Engineered to exit the machine with next production resin- leaving behind no residual purging compound
  • Thermally stable with no noxious fumes or odor often associated with chemical purging compounds
  • Safe, non-hazardous ingredients
  • Low “cost-per-purge”- only small quantity needed to be effective
  • Unlimited shelf life

Dyna-Purge has been the top-performing purging compound for over 30 years! Our product line offers superior cleaning and economic value over in-house resins and other commercial purges. We invite you to sample Dyna-Purge at no charge, so you can start saving today!

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Independent Study Ranks Dyna-Purge® A #1!

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New Dyna-Purge A

Excellent for polypropylene (PP)
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